Photogramma: Educational programs, interactive cinema, experiential theater

Dear teachers,
We wish you strength and optimism for the new school year.

002255For this year too, the educational organization Photogramma  recommends you to include in your educational, cultural and entertainment activities of your school, the upgraded educational programs of interactive cinema.

This year, the programs of interactive cinema will be displayed in 3D technology.

Furthermore, the interactive cinema goes beyond the borders of our country and will be displayed from this school year in France, Belgium and other EU countries.
The first projections were launched with great success in the previous school year in Paris and Brussels.

CINE programmsThus, the students in Greece, France and Belgium and other countries, will have a common sensational educational experience.
The innovative educational activity of the interactive cinema was created by Greek education and we feel proud about it.
Now this action, as modern Greek educational proposal is spread abroad and opens new avenues for global education.

All this thanks to your support, acceptance and positive assessment.
Thank you wholeheartedly.
We wholeheartedly wish you too a beautiful and creative school year.
Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Tsiros
Instructional Manager creating educational programs

Information about interactive movies

This year we complete eight years since the beginning of our educational effort: Educational programs of interactive cinema and experiential theater.
Under the same dynamic, the educational organization Photogramma continues this year with new upgraded programs that we recommend for educational, cultural and recreational visits of your school.
Interactive films and experiential theater performances will allow to tens of thousands of students across the country to act, create, be entertained and learn during educational visits.
Having the expertise and experience gained by time, we will try to contribute to your difficult task sending out positive and modern educational messages about ecology, development of emotional intelligence, social awareness, culture and school bullying.

1. "Wild Animals of Greece"
Recommended for Kindergarten and first classes of elementary school.
Cast: Akis Sakellariou, Natalia Dragoumi, Katerina Tsavalos, Socrates Patsikas and others. Akis Sakellariou and his famous friends and actors teach young students to love and protect wildlife and nature of our country.

2. "Learning to love Man"
(Development of emotional intelligence)
Recommended for Kindergarten and first classes of elementary school
Cast: Jenny Theona, Ermira Lekka.  Ermira and her friend learn by Jenny Theona why we should love and help people, make friends and be a good people.

3. "Greece: the country of poets and writers"
Recommended for last classes of elementary school and secondary school
Cast: Dimitris Kouroubalis, Katerina Geronikolos and others.
Dimitris and Katerina teach in an inimitable and entertaining way their younger friends, the imperishable moral values and unimaginable wealth of ideas offered by the study and deepening in the work of Greek authors. A trip to Greece from antiquity until today. A country where every corner reveals a literary treasure.

4. "Ancient Greece"
Recommended for last classes of elementary school and first class of secondary school
Cast: Themis Bazaka, Vasiliki Karra. Vasiliki and viewers - students "travel" in the major Greek Museums, admire and love our Ancient Greek civilization. Their guide is Themis Bazaka.

5. "The Earth belongs to all children of the world / say no to racism"
(Social awareness)
Recommended for last classes of elementary school and fist classes of secondary school
Cast: Aneza Papadopoulou, Themis Bazaka, Katerina Tsavalou, Pyrros Dimas, Nikos Vourliotis, and others.
Multinational groups of children around the world are trained and prepared to convince adults, that the children of the world have equal rights to life, education and love.

6. "We win violence and school bullying"
(Social awareness)
Recommended for last classes of elementary school and first classes of secondary school
Cast: Panos Vlachos. Panos coordinates a group consisting of children of different ages and nationalities.
They are in a future society where bullying has almost been disappeared thanks to their actions and a global troubleshoot network that aims to admonition and treatment of abuser that is now seen as a victim.
Suddenly, there are new complaints by bullying victims from different parts of the world and Panos’ team is getting prepared to address them effectively.

The educational films of interactive cinema are displayed

In Athens:  Greek Film Archive, Iera Odos 48, Gazi (2D projection)
Cinema Athenaeum, Vasilissis Sofias 124 Ampelokipoi (3D projection)
In Thessaloniki:  Olympion, Aristotelous Square 10 (2D projection)
Elsewhere in Greece: In central cinema halls

The ticket cost for Athens and Thessaloniki: 4 euros for each student for the 2D projection / 5 euros for 3D projection.



The educational organization Photogramma proposes modern, original, educational performances created by the theatrical group “Photogramma” for your students.
Our theatrical educational effort having modern means and aesthetic, approaches the world of students with respect and attempts to introduce them to the world of ideas and feelings in a way that only theater art can and allows.
Following the general main educational direction, we adapted our subjects on topics related to appropriate age groups of students.

Ecology and Environment: “Hedgehog Family at risk" (2nd year) Recommended for Kindergarten and first classes of primary school.
Development of emotional intelligence and openness: "Searching for Life" (4th year) Recommended for last classes of primary school. The adaption is also recommended for teenagers of first classes of secondary school.
Greek history and culture: "From ancient Greece to the present day" (2nd year) Recommended for last classes of elementary school and first classes of secondary school.

You can find more detail about our theatrical educational programs and performances.

Λίγα λόγια για τη θεατρική ομάδα Φωτόγραμμα

Η θεατρική ομάδα Φωτόγραμμα δρα υπό τη σκέπη του ομώνυμου εκπαιδευτικού οργανισμού Φωτόγραμμα.
Εφέτος μπαίνει στον τέταρτο χρόνο της θεατρικής της πορείας. Εμπνευστής και δημιουργός των έργων είναι ο εκπαιδευτικός Δημήτρης Τσίρος που εργάζεται με μια ομάδα εκπαιδευτικών και ηθοποιών επιδιώκοντας επιστημονική και εκπαιδευτική αρτιότητα στα πλαίσια της θεατρικής εκπαίδευσης. Επιλέγουν θέματα που αφορούν την καλλιέργεια των παιδιών μέσω της θεατρικής τέχνης και τα παρουσιάζουν με σκηνική παρουσία σε συνδυασμό με ψηφιακά μέσα και προβολές βίντεο που συναρπάζουν τα παιδιά.

The actors of Theatre photograms group:

On stage:
Sophia Antoniou, Aliki Voutzouraki, Konstantinos Moutsis,Thanassis Patriarcheas, Effie Kiouki, Vasiliki Mouriki. On the screen: Akis Sakellariou, Katerina Tsavalou, Panos Vlachos, Katerina Geronikolou, Dimitris Kouroubalis, Antonis Gkritzis and the children: Giorgos Davos, Evelina Anthi, Ermira Lekka.

Katerina Ziogou. Gogo Kartsana acts under the umbrella of the homonymous educational organization Photogramma. This year, she enters into her fourth- year theater course.

In Athens, the theater group has undertaken the children’s theater Anesis (Kifissias 14 Ampelokipi) where it presents its performances.

The ticket price for schools is especially for this year 5 euros for each student.
Contact and Reservation Phone: 210 3413890
Information on the performances of the theater group photograms

Informations for the shows of theatrical group Fotogramma

"Hedgehog Family at risk"
(Environment- Ecology)

The show goes on for a second year.
The actors interact with the projected videos.
Recommended for Kindergarten and first classes of primary school.
Show Duration: 70 '

An original show with perfect performance and stunning costumes that allows young spectators to go up on stage to interact with the play and enjoy a pleasant but, educational show with dancing and singing and digital interchangeable scenery.

Cast: Sophia Antoniou, Aliki Voutzouraki, Thanasis Patriarcheas, Effie Kiouki, Konstantinos Moutsis, Vasiliki Mouriki.

Live music and song: Vasiliki Mouriki

About the play: Lilo, a little hedgehog, desperately looks for his parents who were lost in a storm. A child who loves animals will help him find them and learn together how to help all the animals of our earth to live in nature cheerfully and happily.

"Searching for Life – Sofia’s and Nikolas’ adventures”
(Development of emotional intelligence –educational openness)

The performance goes on for the fourth year.
The unique interactive theatrical performance throughout Greece that includes the use of wireless remote controls. Recommended for the last classes of primary school.
The adaptation is also suggested for teenagers of first classes of secondary school.
Show Duration: 90-100’

Sophia and Nicolas are looking for the meaning of life to help two little friends. But, they get involved in adventures and spectators should help them.
So together they discover elements that we need to develop in order to become better people: to be honest, courageous, polite and help our fellowmen. They also meet many historical personalities from around the world and the human aspects which have determined and impressed them in history.

A modern, innovative performance with multimedia and special software applications that allow children to interact via wireless remote controls with the projected video and the actors.

The actors interact in their turn with the projected videos impressively offering interactive theatrical performances that keep children's interest until the end.
Akis Sakellariou and Katerina Tsavalou also have a surprise role in the projected parts.

"From ancient Greece to present day”

The show goes on for a second year
The actors interact with the projected videos.
Recommended for last classes of primary school and first classes of secondary school.
Show Duration: 80’

Aris and Sofia, two teenagers of our time with Erato, a priestess of Athena, goddess of ancient Athens, discover through an imaginary time machine all the historical stations of our nation.

An exciting show which keeps children’s interest undiminished.
At the same time it develops and cultivates the historical consciousness but focuses on the suffering and ultimate survival of Hellenism in its course through the centuries.

Classic scenery combined with projected videos.
Katerina Geronikolou, Katerina Tsavalou, Dimitris Kouroubalis, Antonis Gkritzis and others participate in the projected parts.